Hello world!

Welcome to the Heptarchy Herald! My name is Michael and I started this blog for a couple of reasons. First, for the past two or three years, I have been a fan of academic blogs, particularly A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe, Another Damned Medievalist, Magistra Et Mater, Per Omnia Saecula, and Unlocked Wordhoard. I enjoy the posts and I have learned alot from these blogs, but I have things I would like to discuss, sometimes, dealing with my own interests in the early Middle Ages. Second, I am a master’s student at a middle Tennessee university known more for its Southern and Public history programs than anything medieval. This presents some problems as I am the only person in the department studying the EMA. We do have a medievalist on the faculty, but he works on late medieval/Renaissance Italy. He is a great professor and does the best he can, but, as an Anglo-Saxonist, I often find myself confronting problems with no one else to talk to. It can be lonely. Hopefully this blog will give me a platform with which to engage others in constructive dialogue.  Please be patient, I am not the most technologically gifted person. I will have a blogroll, as soon as I figure out how, and will be playing around with the look of the page. Also, if you have something of interest to discuss, by all means, bring it up on the comments. I will be happy to talk about the Middle Ages with you.


6 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Steve Bivans Says:

    I’m in. Don’t have much to add at the moment, but I’ll probably come up with something soon.

  2. Jennifer Lynn Jordan Says:

    Welcome, Michael!

  3. Velllum Says:

    Welcome to “teh interwebz” 😉 Always love new bloggers, they go where angels (and more established bloggers) fear to tread. 😀 Look forward to reading your posts!

  4. nicola griffith Says:

    Welcome. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

  5. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    Aha, it’s you! Welcome to the Internet! 🙂

  6. sm Says:

    I hope you make the kind of connections you are looking for!

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