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Hello…again: A (brief) dispatch from the land of the ultra-busy.

November 8, 2009

I do apologize for the absence. I am teaching some this semester, first time on a regular basis, and my own grad classes are keeping me on my toes. Quite the semester, so far, but hopefully I can post more regularly.  Anyway, I know that everyone has had some time to digest something of the ramifications of the Staffordshire find. I know that somewhere, someone has probably posed this question, but I have had as much time to read the blogs as write one, so I will pose it for my own gratification. What, after all, could we stand to learn from the hoard? I doubt we can learn anything about gender relations, for instance, because of the total lack of feminine related items. Trade? Possibly, if we can identify origins for some of the artifacts. Even here, though, we have no way of finding out the mechanism which brought that artifact to Britain and even then, if we do not know to whom the artifact belonged in the first place, we cannot give it any context. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I know we will be studying this find for generations to come, but perhaps the idea that this find would completely rewrite A-S history was a bit of exuberant hyperbole? Still, it will be awfully fun to play with!