Kalamazoo 2010

    I know, I know, it has been a couple of months. I hope the two of you left out there can forgive me. This time of year, however, is very exciting to those of us who study the middle ages. It’s Kalamazoo time!! For those of you who don’t know, every May, over three thousand rabid medievalists get together in SE Michigan to network, present papers, drink, dance, renew old historical arguments, and generally soak up the vibes of being amongst a group of like minded friends. We also buy book. Lots of books. As in, many, many books. Those who don’t buy books, wish they could buy books.

    Some of my web friends will be blogging reports on their favorite sessions, covering the proceedings almost in real time. I will be doing some of that, but mainly, I want to blog on the book exhibit. Apart from an overview of the stalls, each day I will concentrate on a particular publisher or dealer, reporting on some of the newest publications. For those of you who haven’t yet experienced the glory that is the book exhibit, this will be an opportunity to see what you have been missing. For those of you who have, but for some reason haven’t made it to the ‘zoo this year, this will be a reminder of why you need to come back next year. In addition to “book reports” (Yes, terrible pun), I hope to have an interview or two with at least one of the leading bloggers in our field. Several will be there, it just depends on which one will agree to appear on a little seen, rural, no-frills blog. Anyway, the fun starts on Thursday, May 13! Stay tuned!

p.s. I will try to have pictures. As I am computer illiterate, it might be a feat.


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