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Interesting Announcement

February 22, 2011

Dr. Richard Nokes contacted me today to tell me about his latest project. In addition to his position at Troy, Dr. Nokes, of Unlocked Wordhoard fame, is the Academic Editor of the new Witan Publishing house. Witan Publishing is an academic, peer-reviewed e-publishing site. Their goal is to publish pieces of top quality scholarship. You can find the official announcement at both the Wordhoard and Dr. Nokes tells me that they are especially interested in those works of scholarship that might not fit traditional publishing parameters. Pieces longer than a journal article, but rather too short for a monograph. The website is:

I would suspect that this is not just an opportunity for established scholars and I, for one, will definitely submit something in the near future. This sounds like a promising endeavour. Best of Luck from the Herald, Dr. Nokes!


Tolkien the unappreciated.

February 11, 2011

Reading the Washington Post today, I came across this interesting tidbit:

The article is about Tolkien scholar Corey Olsen, a professor at Washington College. It is a good piece overall and very interesting. But (there had to be one) I wonder about something. The article makes it seem like very few medievalists take Tolkien studies seriously. Now, granted, those of us on the history side may wonder about the utility of studying a twentieth century author under the “medieval” guise, but, hey, to each their own. Medievalisms looks to be a growing, vibrant field right now, and chock full of potential material. It seems like a good fit. How many of us were fans of epic fantasy before we fell in love with the Middle Ages? I know I was. Besides, any author so influenced by medieval literature deserves a second look. But I digress. As I said above, the article makes it seem like studying Tolkien is academia’s cardinal sin. Apparently, no one ever pointed out to the author the number of Tolkien sessions a Kalamazoo every year, sponsored by the Tolkien at Kalamzoo organization, no less. Six last year. I noticed that last year Dr. Olsen participated in two roundtables devoted to Tolkien as well as a reader’s theater session on Malory. He is not in this year’s program, but maybe he will come anyway to sample the six or seven Tolkien sessions. Troubling, though, that bit about Tolkien being unpopular. At least it won’t seem that way in May in Kalamazoo. Now, Harry Potter on the other hand…;-)

Six months? Criminy, I should really post something!

February 9, 2011

Back again. Eventful few months spent teaching, writing, researching and getting paid to do a couple of other projects. Getting paid to do history feels good, even if, in my case, it is U.S. history. So, here we go. I am looking forward to the release of Richard Hodges “New Audit” of his Dark Age Economics, if, that is, it ever actually comes out. Robin Fleming’s new one, Britain After Rome, at least I believe that’s the title, is also on my must read list. Jonathan Jarrett at Tenth-Century Europe reported on one of Dr. Fleming’s recent presentations with good results.